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Property ValueNotes
Base Curves 8.6
diameter 14.0
powers +15.00 to -20.00 0.50 steps over ± 6.00
qty 6 pack
Mode EW 6 nights
Replacement Monthly
Material comfilcon A 48% H2O
Group I low water, nonionic siloxane
Man. Process cast mold
DK 128 Dk/t = 160
ct 0.08 @ -3.00
Tint visibility
Aspheric front surface.   Modulus = 0.75
Powers over +8.00 and -12.00 packaged as "Biofinity XR"
Combined siloxy macromers of different sizes with hydrophilic
monomers not requiring surface treatment or added wetting agents.
Sold as Aquaclear,SIH-48, Sofmed Breathables XW and Aquatech Plus Premium