click here for details           Biotrue Kerasoft IC
Property ValueNotes
Base Curves 7.4 to 9.4mm (.2mm steps)
Diameter 14.5 standard   14.0, 15.0, 15.5mm MTO 
Sph powers +20.00 to -20.00D 0.25D steps
Cyl powers -0.50 to -12.00D 0.25D steps
Qty Single vials
Mode DW
Replacement 3 months
Material Efrofilcon A 74% H2O
Group 5, high water non-ionic Silicone Hydrogel
Man. Process lathe cut
DK 60
CT varies @ -3.00
OZ 8.0mm
Tint visibility blue
Prism balast toric. Aspheric. Variable peripheral curves. Modulus 0.35.
For irregular corneas of keratoconus,post refractive surgery, etc.
Single solid orientation mark @ 6 o'clock OD; broken mark OS.
Order from authorized laboratories:
Art Optical Metro Optics ABB Concise.