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Property ValueNotes
Base Curve 8.5
diameter 14.2
powers +6.00 to -12.00 .5D steps above -6
qty 6 pack
Mode DW
Replacement 6 day, 7 nights  EW 30 days DW
Material Samfilcon A 46% H2O
Group 5, low water, non ionic silicone hydrogel
Man. Process cast mold
Dk 114
Dk/t 163 @-3.00D
ct 0.07mm @-3.00D
Tint blue visibility
Modulus = 0.7MPa. Aspheric front surface. Siloxane / PVP copolymer
with concentrated surface PVP. Packaged in saline with poloxamine.
About 4x the PVP as found in Senfilcon A. Sold as Walmart Eureka! Monthly.