Tropicamide  (U.S.N.L.M.)
Dosing 1 or 2 drops 0.5%  15 or 20 minutes before exmination.
Chem Specs tropicamide 0.5%, 1%
Quantities 2, 3, 15ml
Cost 40.65/15ml
Class parasympatholytic,
Action Binds to and blocks the M4 muscarinic receptors in the iris sphincter and ciliary muscle.
Usage Mydriasis and cycloplegia for diagnostic procedures.
May produce a transient elevation of IOP. .
Contraindications Hypersensitivity to any component of the product.
Pediatric use May rarely cause dangerous CNS disturbances. Psychotic reactions, behavioral
disturbances, and vasomotor or cardiorespiratory collapse in children have been
reported with the use of anticholinergic drugs.
Pregnancy Category C.     Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted
Peak mydriasis 20-40 min. Peak cycloplegia 20-35 min. Recovery 4-8 hrs.
1% tropicamide dilates about twice as fast as 2.5% phenylephrine.1
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