Xiidra  (U.S.N.L.M.)
Dosing One drop BID
Chem Specs lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5%
Quantities Cartons of 60 single-use containers (each carton has 12 pouches, with 5 single-use containers)
Cost 708.00
Class LFA-1 antagonist
Action Binds to leukocyte cell surface protein (LFA-1) reducing T-cell activation and inflammatory
cytokine secretion. The exact mechanism of action of lifitegrast in dry eye disease is not known.
Usage Indicated for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.
5 - 25% of patients experience irritation, dysgeusia and reduced VA.
Contraindications None
Pediatric use Safety and efficacy not established in pediatric patients below the age of 17.
Pregnancy Teratogenic when administered to rats at 400x the normal human dose.
Remove contact lenses prior to use; reinsert 15 minutes following administration.
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